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How do you build stronger engagement with your fans? Increasingly, the answer is to create digital experiences. 

Before, during and after a live sporting event your fans are engaging with your content on their devices anytime and anywhere. Away from the live action, shopping experiences are a key way to monetise the relationship with your fans.

In both instances,  a highly responsive experience is a must.

Response time — how fast a web page or application loads — is shown to have a direct correlation with engagement, abandon rates and conversions to revenue. It is also a key component of Google’s Core Web Vitals (CWV) which weigh into search rankings. 

Yet data from Erwin Hofman shows that a large proportion of major European football clubs are failing CWV which means sports fans are not always getting the online experience they deserve.


Deep Dive into Google Core Web Vitals and why they matter?

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       Key Highlights:

  • What the data is telling us about the current state of the sports retail market
  • How to gain visibility on your online business to ensure it is running as optimally as possible
  • What additional sales revenue could be gained from a faster loading site
  • How to fix common errors that impact revenue
  • How a leading online retailer of sports apparel and footwear was able to see a 40% lift in revenue after improving website performance
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