Real User Monitoring

Want to make real-time changes to your site’s performance?

Benefits of RUM

As of June 2021, Google began ranking websites based on a set of performance metrics called Core Web Vitals. This change effectively makes site performance an SEO ranking factor. 

With Layer0’s Real-Time Core Web Vitals and RUM Analytics, you’ll be able to understand the impact of your changes in minutes, instead of waiting days or weeks in Google Search Console or Page Speed Insights. Installation is just a script tag and provides LCP, FID, and CLS by route.

Iterate on Performance Faster
Teams focusing on Core Web Vitals and performance are often met with challenges around the effectiveness of their optimization efforts. With Layer0 Analytics, you have the ability to improve velocity with real-time changes to you sites performance.

Pinpoint Underperforming Pages
Find out how your sites pages are performing based on their performance for a specific Core Web Vital indicator. This will allow your team to iterate more precisely and understand the dynamics around performance from page to page.

Identify Incremental Layout Shift
For single page applications (SPAs), Google attributes all layout shift to the original landing page, even when the user navigates away from the landing page on the client-side. Any client-side navigation that takes more than 500ms can add to the CLS score for the initial landing page. 

Easily Access Filters & Reporting
Quickly breakdown your performance by several different key variables such as Browser, Cache Hit, Connection, Country, Device Type, Page Label, and Split Test Variant.

Spit test variants for Core Web Vitals 
Layer0’s Edge-based split testing is now integrated into Core Web Vitals Analytics enabling teams to A/B test the impact of performance optimizations on Core Web Vitals faster and more precisely than using other tools.

Install In Minutes on Any Site
Your site does not need to be hosted on Layer0 in order to take advantage of Layer0 Analytics. Our team has made it available to any website via a simple Script Tag installation that can be used with Google Tag Manager for Marketing Manager or implemented directly for the Engineering team.

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