A modern eCommerce web delivery platform that lets teams build sub-second websites and release twice as fast 

Why choose Layer0? 

Layer0 integrates the CDN directly into your developer cycle and gives you the security and tools to deliver changes in half the time with performance that is twice as fast.

Release up to twice as fast
The CDN Edge is a first-class citizen in the development lifecycle. Teams are able to test, review, and version control their edge logic throughout the development process. 

Instant-loading website
Layer0’s service worker intelligently fetches dynamic pages before visitors tap on a link. Only prefetched requests are served from the edge cache, so servers will never see an increased load.

Summarize website health at a glance
Hold valuable insights at your fingertips. Layer0’s overview screen summarizes Core Web Vitals, Traffic, Errors, Cache Hit Rate, Prefetching statistics, and Recent Activity.

Powerful caching options
Gain flexible control over caching, including caching dynamic content and managing rules based on cookies, authentication, URL patterns, and HTTP headers. Clear the cache globally in seconds for a specific URL, by regex, by surrogate key, or for the entire site.

Proven edge network
Layer0 runs on Limelight Networks, the same network trusted by the biggest streaming companies in the world. Limelight operates its own private backbone, making data transfers faster and more secure.  

Options to implement and integrate
No matter your role, there are options to get started. Build yourself or use our professional services team. Layer0 can replace or sit behind or alongside your current CDN, letting you build a sub-second website with minimal disruption.

Crawl, walk, or run into the headless future
For traditional web platforms, Layer0 offers web acceleration and performance monitoring tools. Those on modern frameworks can deploy static and dynamic Jamstack sites that run on Layer0’s serverless functions with built in framework integrations. 

Watch us on the AWS Stage at NRF

Talk: How AppOps accelerate team velocity and websites to increase revenue

Description: As consumers demand instant and engaging websites, you must move quickly in updating your digital experiences – but you cannot update what you’re still piecing together. AppOps is an emerging category, blending the edge, security, and deployments to enable faster, more secure, and reliable websites. 

Where: AWS Stage 

When: Jan 16, 2022 @ 3:00pm-3:15pm EST

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