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ROI You Can Measure

12x faster loads

40% ↑revenue

4x faster loads

30% ↑ organic traffic

10x faster loads

200% ↑ conversions

4x faster loads

12% ↑AOV


Sub-second page loads

We’ve built the first and only platform that enables sub-second speeds for large database driven sites.

Search Engine Ranking

Better customer experience

In May 2021, Google updated its search ranking algorithm to include Core Web Vitals, a set of performance metrics that have a large impact on the user experience. Layer0 customers pass these metrics and rank higher than their competition. More visibility, more traffic, more revenue. 

Fashion Retailer Universal Standard Passes Core Web Vitals

pre-load what the users Click

Load Dynamic Data Into The Browser Before The Request​

Layer0 intelligently fetches your dynamic pages (ie. personalized or ever-changing data, such as prices and inventory) before your visitor even taps on a link. 

Our network and monitoring tools ensure that that dynamic data is cached at least 95% of the time. Most CDNs only cache static data.  

Why Layer0 by Limelight

Layer0 is a holistic platform that unifies strategy

Go Instant.

Instant websites, no excuses. The median Largest Contentful Paint of pages on the Layer0 network is 399ms, literally the blink of an eye. The sites have dynamic pricing, inventory and personalization and some even have over 40 tags and slow APIs!

Go Headless.

Exit the endless cycle of forced upgrades from your monolithic CMS or commerce platform. Layer0 has everything you need to develop, deploy, preview, run, monitor, experiment on, and defend your favorite frontend framework.

Deploy in Minutes.

Deploy your first site now for free in two minutes. Run your existing site at sub-second speeds in hours.

Ship Fast.

Developers love EdgeJS because it’s CDN config that they actually use. Makers collaborate better when every push to every branch gets its own preview URL. Teams improve faster when A/B tests can be trusted because they don’t slow down the website.

Scale in Peace.

Never worry about traffic spikes again. Layer0 shields over 95% of the traffic that goes to your content and catalog database and handles rendering and API aggregation at unlimited scale. 1/3 of Americans touch the Layer0 network each month.

Enhance Your CDN.

Try the world’s first JS-based CDN, one that you configure right within routes.js, and you’ll never go back to writing VCL, proprietary APIs, or trudging through a web console.

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The Layer0 platform empowers teams to deliver instant-loading web pages that increase traffic, conversions and revenue.

Start your journey to Layer0 with a free site audit and benefit from:

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We power some of the largest storefronts in the world.

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