Relieve Impatient Customers

Deliver Instant-Loading Websites.

Ensure that product loads in the blink of an eye – no matter what. 

Instant loading websites

Layer0 has advanced technology that will predict the actions your user is most likely to take, and load that data before the user even clicks. 

Outrank & outperform competitors

As of 2021, Google ranks sites based on Core Web Vitals, a set of performance metrics that has a large impact on the user experience. In fact, users are 24% less likely to bounce if CWVs pass. Layer0’s customers consistently pass these metrics and push competition down in search.

Increase conversions and revenue 

Time and time again, Layer0 customers see double-digit lifts in conversation rate and revenue due to higher organic traffic, pages viewed, and time spent on site thanks to a seamless user experience. 

Why teams trust us

Identify errors & stats in seconds

Hold valuable insights at your fingertips. Layer0’s overview screen summarizes Core Web Vitals, traffic, errors, cache hit rate, prefetching statistics, and recent activity.

Move from idea to market quickly

Layer0 is loaded with built-in productivity tools to improve cross-functional team synergy. Developers write code, team easily review and preview changes early in the workflow, and updates can be pushed immediately to meet market (and leadership) demands!

Proven edge network

Layer0 runs on Limelight Networks, the second fastest CDN in the world and the same network trusted by the biggest companies globally. Limelight operates on its own private backbone for faster and more secure connections.

Options to implement and integrate

No matter your role, there are options to get started. Build yourself or use our professional services team. Layer0 can replace or sit behind or alongside your current CDN, letting you build a sub-second website with minimal disruption.

Satisfy your shoppers' hunger for speed

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