How to Leverage MACH to Improve Your Core Web Vitals Score

Page Experience Update

Set to roll out Mid June 2021, Google’s Page Experience update will change the ranking algorithm, based on Core Web Vital scores, and will include a visible indication of a website’s speed on Google SERP. Only 13% of eCommerce websites are ready for this update.

Stay ahead of the curve and learn how the Mach Alliance can help you increase your Core Web Vitals Score and stay on top of Google’s Algorithm.

In this eBook we cover:

  • Hosting & CDN with Layer0
  • Frontend Framework with Vue Storefront
  • Image Optimization with Cloudinary
  • Personalization with Uniform
  • Search with Algolia

As web pages continuously gets queried by users, and mutated by developers, the importance of CWV and its set of measurable metrics points will become even more salient in terms of user experience. Achieving a good CWV metrics points means your users can experience a fast loading, immediately interactive, and visually stable web page. This will help you achieve a higher SEO rank, delight your users, and invariably create an indirect improvement for a better web.

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What Are Core Web Vitals

Making a good first impression online is critical. Shoppers want to see products immediately, browse quickly and checkout easily—with no interruptions. If their expectations aren’t met, they’ll bounce and never return. Core Web Vitals helps address this problem by gauging the experience pages provide to mobile shoppers as they browse through a site in real-time. 

While most Google tools rely on synthetic tests which take place on simulated environments (known as lab data), Core Web Vitals are measured using field data collected from Google Chrome User Experience (CrUX)—a database of real-world Chrome user data. Field data captures the dramatic effects of real-user variables, such as device, network conditions and/or settings. Depending on a user’s conditions, the performance of a site can vary dramatically and impact your Core Web Vital scores.  

Each CWV metric has different thresholds to be considered good, moderate or poor. However, they all have one thing in common and that is that Google uses the 75th percentile when classifying pages into these groups—a page that hits the threshold to be considered fast for 75% of the page loads or more is a good experience.

Why It Matters

Over the years Google has provided a number of tools to measure and report on website performance. As part of these efforts the search giant launched mobile-first indexing in 2016, Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) in 2017, and the Speed Update in 2019. Now the upcoming Page Experience update will change the ranking algorithm so that sites that are slow to load or become interactive will rank lower than they currently do. This update will also include a visible indication of a website’s speed on Google SERP. Passing Core Web Vital will be paramount for not only your Google Search Engine Rank Position but also your website visitors’ overall experience.

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